On February 7, 2003 Sophia came to make us into a family. She was born two months early weighing only 3 lbs. 11 oz. with a rare genetic syndrome called Taybi-Linder. Her first year and a half was quite a struggle, spending 200 days in intensive care, over multiple hospitalizations. But she amazed and inspired us all with her strength, courage, and determination to stay with us. Fortunately she grew stronger and more resilient.

  She’s an extremely loving and lovable child. Everyone who meets her falls under her spell. She has many handicaps but she is perfect in our eyes. She is not like other children, she is a magical creature. She cannot do many of the things other children her age do, but she has much to give and teach us all.

  Despite her deaf/blindness and lack of mobility, she communicates quite clearly and finds her own ways to do things. And we rejoice at every mini-milestone she achieves. I am so proud of her everyday and consider myself so very lucky to be her mother. She brings such great joy!


Slide show of photos below:

First Family Portrait
First Days
Sophia and Marvin, same size
First EEG
James and Sophia
Sophia at DHMC

Sophia's Six Month Birthday
Jim Kisses Sophia
Easter Bonnet
First Bath
Big Mommy Little Baby

Cutie Pie
Belly Dancer
Pink Sophia
Sophia Angel
Tool Time

Sophia Holding Daisy
Sophia with Present
First Birthday
First Birthday
Valentine's Day
Rock Star

Father's Day
Sophia Doll
Sun Bathing
Physical Therapy
James and Sophia
Bathing Beauty

Pool Fun
Rock and Roll Sophia
I Dream of Sophia
Sophia Picasso
Nurse Roberta

Sophia's Symphony
Sophia and Marvin
Leopard Girl
Sophia with Crown
Christmas Sophia
Peach Sweater Girls

Super Sophia
Third Birthday
Elton John's Third Birthday
Sophia's Throne
Big Sophia, Little Marvin
Sophia Grimley

Discovery Blanket
Jello Glow
Sophia with Bear and Marvin
Smiling Sophia
Having a Ball

Enjoying her Throne

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